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This lovely bird deserves a death sentence?

This Lovely Bird Deserves a Death Sentence?

Nothing pleases me more than reading stories about inebriated hunters shooting themselves or other hunters. During the Neanderthal right of manly slaughter known as hunting season, I can always count on a few hunters cleaning out their herd with  such accidents.

From my point of view, better a wounded hunter than a dead deer or other innocent wildlife.

Today I have this entertaining story from Franklin, New Hampshire. As reported in the Laconia Citizen, two groups of hunters were out stalking pheasants when one hunter shot and wounded another hunter:

Sometime during the morning, two groups of two men were hunting near the Franklin Flood Control dam when a pheasant had flown up between the two groups resulting in one man being injured. Mark Vachon of Hill was struck by two pellets from a shotgun blast, one in the arm and one in the knee.

Gee, that must’ve hurt!

Maybe the wounded hunter will remember his pain the next time he aims his shotgun at a deer, turkey, moose, or some unlucky pheasant, and show a little mercy.

But I wouldn’t count on it. . .