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Racism lives on at Plow & Hearth

“Ain’t got no black folks down here in Virginia!”

On a whim I decided to see what was cookin’ in the Plow & Hearth catalog. Readers of this blog are aware that I have written several times about racism at this direct marketing company. Seems they have a hard time finding African-Americans to use as models in their catalogs.

Back in November, 2008, I provided some incriminating details about their catalogs and how the company at one point promised to do better and include more African-American models. Evidently, their promise is as good as their products — many of which I had to return when I was still doing business with them.

After looking through their current online catalog, I will tell you that the number of African-Americans peering out from the glossy pages is somewhere between zero and one — and let’s say it’s closer to zero than one.

The bottom line is that Plow & Hearth doesn’t give two bleeps about this issue. They appeal primarily to middle-class white folk and evidently believe that photos of black people might scare their customers away. I mean, what other excuse can there be? No black people in Virginia?

If you are interested in an earlier article about this, check out Plow & Hearth Continues Discrimination Against African American Models.