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Another "harvested" i.e. killed animal.

When it comes to killing wildlife, hunters are fond of using the euphemism “harvesting.”  They don’t hunt, murder, or kill; they “harvest” their prey, which makes it sound benign and bloodless.

Today there is an article about 25 to 30 hunters in Arizona who apparently have gotten trapped in three feet of snow. According the article, there is a “desperate search” to find the hunters.

The way I look at this, their plight is just a fair outcome of the “man versus animal” ethic that they use to justify their macho rampages in the wilderness.

While I do hope that they survive and are perhaps using this time in the freezing cold to think about giving up this primordial game that they play, they should be allowed to fend for themselves, just as the animals they kill must fend for themselves.

If the hunters survive and live to tell their stories, fine. If not, their deaths are just a sad, pathetic result of their own foolishness.

Call off the search.

Let’s see if these so-called men can be as brave and wise as the animals they kill.