Despite pressure from mill workers, local politicians, and community leaders, Wausau Paper is sticking to its plans to offer a “generous” severance package of 12 weeks pay for fired workers with 20 years or more service to the company.

Company executive vice president Stuart Carlson said that both the closure of the Groveton, NH, mill and the package offered to 250 displaced workers is “final.”

As reported in the New Hampshire Union Leader:

On Thursday, Local 61 of the United Steel Workers, representing about 250 employees, in a news conference took issue with the severance packages Wausau has given to them and is holding off signing the deal while it encourages politicians to urge Wausau CEO Thomas Howatt to reconsider both the severance deal and the mill closure.

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Last week, in reporting the closing of the mill, I looked at the political ramifications to New Hampshire’s presidential primary.