A Suffolk University New Hampshire primary poll shows Hillary with nearly a double-digit lead over her closest competitor, Barack Obama.

The poll showed Senator Clinton receiving 37% of the vote and Obama 19%. Al Gore, who is not a declared candidate, out-polled Hillary when he was added to the list of candidates.

David Paleologos, director of Suffolk University’s political research center who conducted the poll, said Mr Obama’s weak debating performances could be aiding Mr Gore.

“He takes the most votes from Obama. I think a chunk of Obama voters in New Hampshire are anybody-but-Hillary Democrats,” he said.

The far left faction of the New Hampshire Democratic Party is still smarting over Hillary’s refusal to repudiate her vote authorizing the Iraq war and would rather lose the general election than see Hillary in the White House.

For background on New Hampshire’s left wing Democrats, see our previous post, New Hampshire Democrats Trash Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Announcement.

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