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Michelle Obama thinks she has it bad with a few tame parodies of her and her husband showing up on the Internet.

We should take a moment and bow our heads in thanks to the lunatics at the now defunct Spy magazine for putting Hillary on their front cover. It was February, 1993. Hillary was in charge of everything but Bill’s sex life.

This was every man’s worst nightmare — or fantasy– and every woman’s secret jealousy. Of course, Hillary is smiling as she flaunts her stuff and cracks her whip.

How else could it be?

Given the insults and parodies of Sarah Palin, I can hardly empathize with the PC police who are screaming outrage over this harmless poke at Obama.

Does anyone remember the 1993 Spy Magazine cover photo of Hillary Clinton in a dominatrix outfit? Sure, it was over the top but it was still funny and no one had to apologize about it.

How about the parody of Sarah Palin in a bikini holding a rifle? Anyone expressing outrage over that one? Of course not.

To everyone who is up in arms, if you really have a problem with this then you ARE a racist!  I say, Get a life and a sense of humor!

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