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Foster dog, Alex, is better and ready for adoption.

My foster dog, Alex, is healthy again and ready for adoption.

After five months recovering from his broken leg, my foster “buddy,” Alex, left here to go back to the Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick where he will be adopted into a “forever” home.

Deciding to take care of Alex was one of the best things I’ve done. There were some tough days at the beginning as he got used to hopping around with a cast on his front leg, taking 20 meds a day, trying to get used to a special diet, and trying to get used to me!

I was told on the first day that if his leg did not heal properly, they would amputate it. At times it seemed his case manager had already decided Alex’s fate, but I intended to do everything I could to help get Alex better and keep his leg. That was my goal, and I am so proud of Alex that we were able to do that together.

Chance would be pleased that I did this in his honor, and didn’t do too bad a job, either.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit feeling terribly sad when they came for him yesterday. I actually tried to make excuses to delay the inevitable. Alex is a sweet, affectionate dog who tried so hard to be a good companion. He was certainly that, and more.

My hope is that he finds a loving family, perhaps with some kids who will run and play with him. I hope he will feel safe, wanted, and his “dog-gone” best.

Thanks for everything, Alex!