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Hunters Kill for the Sheer Fun of It

Earlier today I received a comment from another irate hunter who cannot tolerate the idea that someone might despise their cruel and blood-thirsty sport.

In the comment he went on about how much he has done to “save” the wildlife and preserve their habitats. Talk about selfish and self-serving nonsense. Like many other hunters, he is like a pedophile who raises little girls, feeds them, clothes them, houses them, only so he can molest them — and then pats himself on the back for being such a good dad.

The truth is, the only reason hunters care about wildlife and the environment is that it means there will be more for them to kill.

Hunters are like pedophiles with guns. They take advantage of the helpless and those who are weaker for their own insane gratification.

Like pedophiles, hunters should be put in prison forever, locked up, and suffer the degradation from other inmates that they have caused their own victims.

No mercy for the killers.