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As hard as they try to explain the appeal of their blood-thirsty “sport,” the fact remains that hunters seem to spend more time killing and maiming other hunters than they do actually killing wildlife. That is not a bad thing. A dead hunter is a hunter that won’t be playing god in the wilderness, killing and maiming deer and other innocent victims of their neanderthal blood-lust.

Unfortunately, hunters who are drunk and trigger-happy don’t just take aim at other hunters. There’s a good chance that in their drunken rage they will kill your family dog or other pet.

Today we have a story in the local papers about a hunter who was ostensibly trying to kill squirrels who shot and killed some family’s pet dog. The dog bled to death.

A hunter told wardens he was hunting red squirrel in a wooded area behind the Henriksens’ home when he mistook the dog for a coyote. It’s legal to hunt red squirrels and coyotes year-round.

The Maine Warden Service says charges are likely to be filed in the coming days, but that the name of the hunter isn’t being released because the case is under investigation.

I hope that we do learn the name of this moron who mistook a dog for a coyote. All I can tell you is that if he had shot and killed my dog, he’d be facing more than “charges” from the Maine Warden Service. Perhaps some other hunter will do us a favor and put this man’s carcass in the back of a pick-up truck and drop him off in my front yard.