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Earlier today I received a letter from TD Bank — “The World’s Most Convenient Bank” — telling me they were increasing the fees on my business deposit account because the new consumer protection laws reduced their fee revenues.

So, I decided to call the bank to find out how much their fees were reduced. I spoke to four customer service representatives and not a single one knew how much TD Bank earned last quarter. I then spoke to someone named Mark Kantor, who said he was an “Escalation Specialist,” who refused to let me record our call, even though TD Bank routinely records my phone calls to them. Eventually, Mark hung up on me, as did three other customer service specialists.

The bottom line here is that TD Bank is using the new banking consumer protection laws as an excuse to raise fees on their customer. They have no other justification for doing so. And clearly, none of their so-called customer service reps have a clue about the company they work for, how much it is making, or whether or not the justification for fee increases made in its letter has any validity whatsoever.