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How to keep shaving cream from spewing from your Barbasol can.

Every fourth of fifth can of Barbasol shaving cream that I buy seems to have a defect that causes it to magically spew shaving foam after I have used it. I DO NOT shake the can before I use it, but I do warm it up in hot water while I am taking my shower. Then, when I am ready to shave, I have very comfortable shaving cream to smear on my bear face.

Usually, there are no after-effects from this process. But every now and then the can continues to emit cream while it is sitting on the edge of my sink. It makes an ugly mess and is a waste of good shaving cream.

If this is happening to you, here is the likely cause of the problem and the solution. For starters, there has to be some kind of defect with the can itself since this does not happen with every can. Soaking the can in hot water is an important contributing factor: the cream inside the can expands as it gets hot. With nowhere else to go, it starts pouring out.

The solution is simple: turn on some cold water and let it run over the side of the can until it cools down. The foam will stop coming out.

I’ve tried this technique several times with my current supply and it always works. If Barbasol can fix the defect with the can, all the better!