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In the past two years food stamp use in the U.S. has risen 34% to a total of 45.8 million Americans. While the Tea Party and the GOP play games with the economy, holding working Americans hostage to their extreme far-right ideology, children and others are becoming more dependent on the kinds of government programs the far-right disparages.

Along with the political food-fights taking place in Congress, the cost of food is itself making it tougher for families to eat healthy meals. The increased consumption of meat in countries around the world — a sign, we are told, of their growing economic clout — has placed greater demand on the grains and feed products needed to raise cattle and other livestock.

Then there’s the farm subsidies that are paid to U.S. farmers to grow less nutritious products that food manufacturers use to make junk foods and fast foods. The epidemic consumption by the poor of less healthy foods contributes to obesity and associated health care costs. Nutrition experts suggest that farm subsidies need to be rearranged to focus more on healthy fruits and vegetables.

The following video shows how difficult it is to make healthy meals in the U.S. on a small budget.