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Nancy grace has been living off the death of Caylee for years.

Nancy Grace, posing as the "protector" of the defenseless, is in it for the money and has made millions off the death of a baby.

There are all kinds of predators in this world.

Some we know are evil. They stalk our kids, they kidnap children, they molest kids, some kill the innocent and the defenseless.

Then there are those whose motives — they tell us — are noble and kind. They disguise themselves as champions of the helpless, the needy, the vulnerable. They pretend to be “all about the children.” Sometimes they are priests, or nuns, or clergy, or Scout leaders, or coaches, who by all appearances seem to be dedicated to helping kids.

At least that is what they tell us.

The truth, however, is not what it seems.

We want to believe them. We want to put our trust and faith in them. We want to feel OK leaving our kids with them, that they will protect and help our children become healthy adults.

Too often, though, the very people who proclaim such noble aspirations for themselves are the real predators — the pedophiles, the rapists, the molesters, the kidnappers, the brain-washers.

The first clue to their ulterior motives is their loud, insistent assertion that they are “the good guys.”


If you need to assert this about yourself, if you need to convince others that your motives are pure and noble, you are already a suspect.

No one fits that description better than HLN’s Nancy Grace.

For almost three years she has shouted from the roof-tops that her only goal has been to find out what happened to Caylee Anthony and to avenge her death. Time after time, in one news story after another, Grace assures us that her motives are pure, that this is not about Nancy Grace, it is about the death of a baby.

Most recently she told the Huffington Post:

“Any violence would be a sick coda to this whole sad affair,” she tells me. “It should remind us that the innocent and the helpless — be they children, the elderly, the disabled or nature’s other creatures — live at the mercy of powerful adults whose narcissism often silences their conscience. This case should cause us all to do some introspection and ask ourselves: what am I doing today to protect and defend the powerless among us?”

On the day that Casey Anthony was acquitted, one of the first gasps of horror from Grace was that Casey Anthony was going to make millions with books deals, movies, interviews, new photos of Caylee.

What Nancy Grace failed to mention was that she herself has made millions off the death of baby Caylee. She has managed to feed into our natural horror of the death of a child in order to make her show one of the most watched on cable TV.

The result is that her income and value as a TV talking head has skyrocketed. Her contracts with CNN, owner of HLN, are being renegotiated. She is now the million-dollar avenger. And while she rants about Casey Anthony’s media deals, Grace herself is negotiating movie and book deals about the case.

Thanks to a dead baby, Nancy Grace is a household name and a millionaire.

Along with all the other child molesters, rapists, pedophiles, sleazy coaches, Scout leaders and clergy, Nancy Grace asked the world to trust her with the care of a child, Caylee Anthony. And, like so many others, she has betrayed that trust. The protector, the avenger, has become a villain in her own right.

Poor, poor Caylee.

Murdered a second time. On national TV. By Nancy Grace.