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Now that Netflix has slapped existing customers in the face by raising prices by 50%, many people would like to tell the company how upset they are about this greedy attempt at extortion.

Calling the Netflix customer service number would be an exercise in futility. There is nothing those poor souls, probably paid close to minimum wage, can do to help you. Plus, it is unfair for them to take the brunt of your rage when they had nothing to do with making the pricing decision in the first place.

Some are Tweeting at #DearNetflix to express their dismay.

The real culprits are the senior managers and board members who are making huge fortunes off this sinister marketing strategy. In case you would like to get in contact with them, here is a list of their senior managers and board members. Consider that the CEO, CFO, and Marketing VP are the most likely instigators of this travesty.

You can call them at 408-540-3700 or fax to 408-540-3737.

If you care to write, their snail mail address is: 100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA, 95032.

List of senior managers at Netflix