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I wish this had happened years ago. Lieberman did more than abandon his party. With his mercenary opposition to health care reform he nearly gutted the final bill in an effort to placate his rich insurance industry friends in Connecticut.

My prediction is that after he retires from the Senate, he will get his payoff from the insurance companies in the form of a huge “consulting” fee.

I once worked for this guy when I was still in New Hampshire. I am embarrassed that I ever fell for his shtick.

Bye, Joe. You won’t be missed.

Lieberman’s increased alienation from the Democratic party — primarily over his ardent support for the war in Iraq — led to his defeat at the hands of cable television executive Ned Lamont in 2006. But, Lieberman formed his own independent party and beat Lamont in a general election to win a fourth term.

His numbers among Democrats only declined since that time, however, making it next-to-impossible for Lieberman to run and win as a Democrat in 2012.

via The Fix – Joe Lieberman to retire in 2012.