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So, you thought that China, Venezuela, and Iran were paranoid control freaks that censored anything that challenged the party line. Consider now the U.K.’s Independent.

Yesterday the Independent published a revisionist history of the bombing of Hiroshima that upset so many readers, they had to delete all the negative comments. One of those comments, of course, was mine. I can tell you that my comment was heartily endorsed by more than 20 readers. There were others that received many more “thumbs-up” endorsements. My rough estimate is that for every one comment supporting the article, at least five panned it.

Although the article is filled with an almost nauseous disregard for facts, in An apology fatally devalued by the passage of 65 years, author Robert Fisk writes, “Most of us seem to believe the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a war crime.”

Really? Most of us? Who is “us?” Certainly not me, and certainly not most of the readers who took time to correct Fisk’s revisionist version of Japan’s war story and their failed attempt at world domination.

Fisk condemns the bombing of Hiroshima because it targeted civilians, whereas “Japanese soldiers – brutal and sadistic though they were – were largely murdering soldiers.”

Again, really? Perhaps Fisk has not seen the footage of Japanese soldiers throwing men, women, and children alive into mass graves. Ask the Chinese, the people of Korea, the Philippines, and Indochina if the Japanese had any qualms about slaughtering innocent civilians.

Of course, the 800-pound gorilla that Fisk ignores entirely is the indisputable, historical fact that Japan started WWII to dominate the world, that its citizens were complicit in the atrocities of the war by not overthrowing a despotic emperor, and that the Japanese people were an enthusiastic instrument of Japanese aggression.

But then that would be an inconvenient truth for anti-Americans like Fisk to acknowledge.

Apologize for Hiroshima? It’s the Japanese government that should apologize to its people for instigating such pain and devestation.