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After spending the better part of the last 18 months whipping up Tea Party conservatives into a frenzy about scary black people, commentators and reporters at Fox News can no longer tell one black person from another.

Yep, all those scary black people are starting to look alike.

Case in point: as reported today by the Huffington Post, Fox News host Greta Van Susteren used a photo of Rep. Maxine Waters look-alike Shirley Sherrod last night while Van Susteren was discussing Water’s alleged ethics violations.

As we can see from the photo below, Waters and Sherrod have an uncanny resemblance to each other. Among other things, they are both female and they are both African-Americans. I suppose that a right-winger looking at the photo would also see that these are both scary, liberal Democrats, so they have that in common, too. Those crazy eyes give them away.

Maxine Waters and Shirley Sherrod

It's plain as day that these are two photos of the same woman. No wonder Van Susteren got confused.

For the record, that snarly white woman on Fox News offered an immediate, passionate mea culpa for her mistake:

“OOPS…we so screwed up on this one and we are sick about it…” the blog post was titled.

“Right now we are trying to console ourselves with the fact that, while we did a doozy of a mistake, at least it was unintentional, we noticed it immediately and scrambled to fix it immediately,” she wrote. “And yes, even with telling ourselves that, we still feel horrible! (and we should feel horrible!)”

Horrible enough to stop feeding into white racist fears about a black president and all the president’s black men and women?