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Ran into a Gallup Poll video today. They surveyed some 600,000+ Americans to see who was happy and who wasn’t.

Turns out that young people are the happiest group. Is that a surprise? Probably not. What’s there to do but party, have sex, watch TV, text your friends, and get drunk. Not a bad lifestyle!

What did surprise me was how much the “happy meter” dropped when they got to the Baby Boomer age group. Does that mean fewer parties, less sex, no friends to text, and too much sobriety? I don’t think so. I really don’t have a clue, except that I suspect some Boomers are dismayed at how their lives turned out after having started off as the most idealistic generation ever, only to turn out taciturn and cynical in late middle age just like their parents.

As for me, I am as happy now — or as miserable — as I was when I was 25. So I guess I am happy that I am still unhappy. . .or whatever.

— Rake