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This is one case of animal cruelty that PETA can leave to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration to investigate.

Seems an employee at a Kentucky Fried Chicken store in Manchester, NH, was cleaning the exhaust hood above a deep-fryer unit when he fell into the fryer. He suffered burns to his arms, chest, and face.

As I have noted here before, PETA is in an on-going battle with KFC to find more humane methods of slaughtering the millions of chickens that end up those hot Friolaters. Mind you, they are not talking about giving up eating meat; they are pressing KFC to “harvest” their product without scalding chickens alive, breaking their beaks and bones, and otherwise abusing live animals.

If you have the stomach for chicken, perhaps you also have the backbone to watch this PETA investigative report about KFC’s operations. Or visit Kentucky Fried Cruelty for more information.

In the meantime, I would caution people about eating at a franchise where they not only practice animal cruelty, but lack the proper safety precautions to protect employees from cruel working conditions.

Here’s the link to the Union Leader story.