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So, some freelance reporter, not part of the rump-kissing crew that usually sucks up to UConn’s Jim Calhoun, had the audacity to ask a coach who makes his living showing the mentally disadvantaged how to shoot a ball through a little round hoop, to explain why he should make $1.5 million annually when local, state and federal budgets are in a meltdown.

In brave, Bobby Knight fashion, Calhoun had one of those ” you have a nerve” responses, even though he is a public employee and the public has a right to ask such questions.

Maybe Calhoun’s cancer medicine is affecting his temperament, or maybe he just grew up with a major hair across his ass. But for someone who has so little to show for his millions in salaries and endorsements at UConn (just two NCAAs? How many did Wooden have?), I am not surprised he would be so defensive. He should be defensive.

At least four times Calhoun pounded out the idea that his basketball program contributes $12 million to the university. In fact, if you look at net figures, the program is a big loser. Sure, it generates those revenues, but with Cal’s salaries, the other coaches, travel costs, the opportunity costs of running his gym, the scholarships, the PR programs, etc. etc. That program is costing Connecticut money.

Of course, Huskie slaves in CT deserve the chance to pay for the honor of having such a mediocre program. I listened to one of their games, just a few years ago. They are the worst college basketball fans in the Big East, probably in the U.S. Their team — I stress, THEIR team — was down a few points and they started booing their own college players and their over paid coach.

So, I guess everyone is getting what they deserve.

Connecticut is getting screwed financially and loving it. Calhoun is finally coming out of the Bobby Knight closet to prove what a creep he is. And the basketball media in Storrs shows that the only balls are on the court — certainly they haven’t any between their legs or anywhere else where it might do them some good.

So here’s Calhoun telling a reporter to “shut up — my public salary is none of your business.” It will be fun to replay this when he finally retires.