In this gruesome example of “physical discipline” turning into a death sentence for a young child, the mother of “Baby Grace” will spend the rest of her life in prison for helping to kill her little girl.

She and her live-in boyfriend were just trying to teach the little girl a lesson, how to behave to please adults.

Please see my pior post, All Physical Discipline of Children Is a Form of Abuse.

Once the adult ego thinks he has the right to control another being, the genie is out of the bottle so to speak. Out of the bottle means out of control. One slap or one spanking leads to a hit, a punch, a slam against the wall. In Baby Grace’s case, she was literally thrown across the floor like garbage.

The other thing I am beginning to notice is how often some gutless woman allows a man to abuse her children. She does this to please him, so that she won’t lose him. No doubt, just as some men are unfit to be fathers, too many women are too selfish to be good mothers and put their safety and sexual needs ahead of the welfare of their children.

Both the men and the mothers deserve to be in jail.

Here’s the link to the story about Baby Grace’s case. May she rest in peace.