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We’ve heard his promise to taxpayers so many times, it is permanently etched into our brains: “If you make less than $250,000, you will get a tax cut.”

Thanks to Obama’s cash-flush campaign, he ran those ads so often, we can recite the numbers by heart. We were all pretty clear that $250K was the thresh-hold. Below that, and you were on the Obama dole — the check was as good as in the mail! If you earned more than $250K, you were out of luck, buster! Just hand over your paycheck or business revenues to the Obama enforcers and be done with it.

Now we have this new Obama ad — I call it “The Case of the Missing $50,000.” Just 30 seconds into the ad and now Obama is promising that “If you earn less than $200,000, you will get a tax cut.”

What happened to the $50,000?

Did someone in his campaign finally do the math and realize that he needed to punish more people in order to redistribute sufficient wealth to the rest of the country?

Rest assured, no one will fail to catch this last-minute switcheroo. But I sense that those who were supporting Obama in the first place generally earned much less than $200K a year. This is not going to change their vote.

What people should really be concerned about is how Obama’s definition of wealthy is likely to keep shifting downward –$100,000? $75,000? A warm body with a steady job?

Careful what you wish for, America!