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Smoking A Fatty

Smoking A Fatty

Editor’s Update (1/20/2016): Obama is almost on his way out the front door of the White House and as far as I know, he still has not legalized pot. As George Bush senior used to say — “Not gonna happen! Sorry kids.

Months ago I posted what I figured was a minor report about Barack Obama’s flip-flops on the notion of legalizing marijuana. He has been for legalization, against it, then for it again — honestly, I have no idea what he will do if he becomes president.

What is astonishing to me are the fervent, sometimes incoherent, but always impassioned pleas from pot-heads to legalize weed. They expect the next Democrat to make it to the White House — i.e. a former cocaine user like Barack Obama — to show mercy on pot-users and legalize marijuana.

Here is a sampling of their comments on A Rake’s Progress, unedited, and in their own words:

From Christine B:
“What i dont understand is why the American people are so blind by the “war on drugs”. The mayjority of crime is in relation to drugs. By decriminalizing weed it would bring more peace to the world, boost the economy and save ALOT of gang bangers from shooting each other up over a dime bag. I dont see why a working professonal who smokes weed but still is a college graduate with a decent job in society would be labeled a criminal for smoking something that grows form the earth and poses no general harm what so ever. Legalize it and see the endless possiblilities of world with hope and give everyone a little bit of a sence of humor, maybe then our world would look a little brighter.

From Dennis Francis:
“why is drugs so bad, i mean some hurt you, and others don’t but that’s the users decision to decide if they want to use the drug or not….”

From ryan:
“Marijuana is not an addictive drug because it has no additives in it. To Rake Morgan- heroin has other things in it as well not just opiets from poppy seeds. marijuana is an all natural substance that goes all the way back to our ancestors. Marijuana should be legal. just because its illegal doesn’t mean no one is going to do it.

From Chris:
One day, one sweet, sweet day, America will wake up to its hypocrisy concerning cannabis.”

From Jesse B:
“of corse weed is bad for u, but so many things we do are worse, cigarettes and alcohol are ten times more deadly, why arent they illegal?? there is something wrong with everything we do in this life,LEGALIZE IT, the crime rate would drop like crazy, so what if it makes you lazy, so does TV,lol,so what if its bad for your brain, so are the fumes at gas stations,the government want to make money and since they dont know how they could tax it, they have to bust people with it for money, (edited for profanity) our government, legalize weed and there will be more pros then cons!!!!!!!!”

From victor:
“I love america, but the idea that i can get hammerd off my butt, pay a huge alcohol tax. keep uncel sam happy, but get thrown in jail for a joint”

From Caitlin:
“I agree with the people saying to legalize marijuana. Alcohol is legal to those who are 21. Alcohol is a lot worse than smoking a joint. I think that going to jail for possesion of weed is crazy when someone can be beligerently drunk and they stay in a sober bin then are released when they have sobered up. Doesn’t that seem odd? As the words of KMK, “Alcohol takes lives but Pot no one die”. Have you ever heard of someone overdosing on marijuana? I know I haven’t.”

From smoke rocks:
“Marijuana has both positive and negative effects but the positive can be worth it more than the negative. Marijuana is alot less harmful than tobacco or alc if you look it up you will find out what really goes on basicly getting high or drunk does the same thing it sorta tickles your receptors but thats all weed does alc on the other hand releases toxins which shuts down parts of the brain starting with the frontal lobe which controls our higher thought process without that you basicly have an animal brain a mammal brain to be specific but while your brain shuts down the toxins kill brain cells. weed does not kill brain cells but it does wear out receptors which is why you feel burnt out but after that wears off your back to being yourself. weed just has a bad reputation without that it would be close to legal by now but most people think the right thing is to listen to what everyone says around them and do what they do because they cant make desisions on their own they want everyone around them to make the desisions for them if you think about it i bet you all can think of a couple people like that if not tons… anyway i am going to vote for obama just because he seems like he wants to try new things im sick of the same old scum bags in politics i know the president cant change everything but he can help i guess”

From Crystal:
“I really dont get why marijuana is illegal. It is beneficial to AIDS and cancer patients. I dont see “medical alcohol” anywhere. If people can drink and drive all they want and never get caught, then why is it different when people smoke weed? People are mellow when they are stoned. At least the people i know are. The world would be a better place if our good old maryjane was legal. People will be happy all the time. Plus, you CAN’T overdose marijuana. Aspirin is legal, but if you take 13 of those things it will “be your last headache”, as Katt Willams says. Marijuana is an herb of the Earth that is from our planet. “Its just a plant and if you just happen to set it on fire..there are some effects”, says Katt Williams on Katt Williams Live. I think people should stop being so damn conservative and live a little. Would you rather drink and drive or smoke and fly? I would choose to smoke and fly everyday, man. Every single day. There would be less crime and punishment for stupid reasons. Its so stupid to be punished and put in jail for having something that grows on this earth. In response to Rake Morgan, heroin is a different story honey. You can overdose on Heroin. You cant overdose on marijuana. So, i think everybody should have the right to smoke themselves retarded if they want to. So make like Peter Tosh and “Legalize it!!”  D

From Wilson:
I lived in San Francisco in the 60’s. I had a chance to be in the groove ,of the pot culture, as well as the acid people. I have been waiting for the infamos flash back. “A free ride”, however I have spent my time as a home builder and could care less about the herb, Yes it’s an herb, and do you know poppy seeds have morphine still on them, you can go and buy a pound tomorrow, and I heard ‘they are the only drug not made illegal.
If the Democrates take controll, with out checks and balances, there should be no problem floting a a law legalizing pot. No questions, if not, there are some special favors being paid to our political, drug dealers.
That’s the deal.
Our hypocritical servants are in the dope business.
The war on drugs continues to fail, the money continues to be flushed down the shiter and the killings go on.
O Bama will be no different!
Let’s wait and see.”