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It took Barack Obama almost a year to admit that the Iraq surge was working. Will it take him as long to realize the Palin surge is working? If so, John McCain and Sarah Palin will be sworn in as our next president and vice president before Obama wakes up from his ideologically induced coma to see what really happened.

A Fox New/USA Today poll shows that the McCain ticket has made an 11 point leap in the poll taken after the Republican Convention. He had been down seven points after the Democratic Convention and now has a four point lead.

Why the impressive jump? To put it on familiar terms, the Palin Surge is working. Despite being hammered daily by the national media, despite the Obama staff pit bulls spreading lies and exaggerating every fault, despite Obama’s supporters belittling this “hockey mom,” Sarah Palin is the real deal and the American voters can sense that.  Her authenticity, her wit, humor, and no-nonsense insights into the American people and what they want have made her a star. She’s also taken McCain’s stodgy, lackluster campaign and made it fun and exciting again.

Here’s how the LA Times “Top of the Ticket” read the poll — same basic idea with somewhat different math over the size of McCain’s change in lead.

The New York Daily News reportsan even more significant change — McCain’s increasing lead among likely voters:

McCain’s four-point advantage among registered voters in the latest USA Today-Gallup survey marks the Republican’s biggest advantage since January. It marks a turnaround from a pre-convention poll that showed him trailing Obama seven points. Factoring just likely voters, McCain widened his lead over Obama to 54%-44%, the new poll showed.

Several Democratic operatives told Fox News about their concerns.

Democrats, some of whom support and occasionally advise Obama, and others on the outside view the numbers as a startling reversal of fortune and a sign of potential danger to come. While it’s true Obama’s campaign has invested little energy in analyzing national polls, it has closely tracked two national numbers: is Obama ahead of McCain on the econmoy and is he an agent of “change.”

Monday’s USA Today poll shows McCain has closed the week-before advantage on the economy from 19 points in Obama’s favor to just 3 points now. Three Democrats contacted by FOX News called this a seriously negative development, one they believe the Obama camp must reverse in the coming week.

The Obama camp had no comment on the junior senator from Illinois’ sudden loss of momentum on economic matters and what, if any, changes in strategy it might trigger.

Those in both political camps — and certainly the know it all pundits — who claimed Palin would be a disaster owe Senator McCain an apology. She is, in fact, the engine driving the McCain lead.