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Several Obama supporters are accusing Todd Palin, Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin’s husband, of being a pawn of “Big Oil” because he works for an oil company on the Alaskan pipeline.

One of my students pumps gas for a Mobil station in Manchester, NH. Does that mean he’s connected to Big Oil? I buy gas from a Sunoco station in town. Does that mean I am connected to Big Oil?

If you have ever been to the arctic — and I have — you know that working on the north slope and the pipeline is a gruelling, tough job. It’s a hands-on worker’s job. Todd Palin belongs to the Steelworker’s Union for goodness sake. He works in a non-management position. He’s what we call a skilled laborer.

To infer that he is “connected to Big Oil” is a cheap shot and more of the politics of the past and self-destruction that the Obama campaign says it wants to end.

So let’s end it.

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