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Just yesterday I posed some unsavory comments from Obama supporters as they continue to belittle Hillary Clinton and those 18 million of us who supported her.

My point was that their comments only made matters worse and the move toward party unity more difficult. So today, another Obama supporter, no doubt suffering from some form of pathological narcissism, continued to look in the mirror and see only his insufferable reflection.

Here’s his attempt at selling the policies and virtues of his candidate to a skeptical voter:

Then by all means enjoy the McCain Supreme Court as you sit with your asinine self satisfied smirk .Just like the the Nader idiots who gave us 8 years of Bush. Grow up for Christ’s and America’s sake.

That pretty much makes my point. Every time they speak or write, they take another vote from Obama and give it to McCain. Is this this politics of change Obama really meant?

They are assassinating their own candidate without lifting a gun.