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During the past week my email folder has been inundated with messages pleading for me and other Hillary supporters to join with them IN HILLARY’S NAME to protest her treatment by the media, the DNC, Obama, the state party chairs, the bloggers, the influx of black flies that have come and gone in New Hampshire.

All of you know that I have been an ardent friend and supporter of Hillary for decades. Like many of you, I cried when she gave her concession speech. Over the course of this election I have been filled with rage, anger, disappointment, disgust — and most of that got vented in my blogs and on my web sites.

But through it all, I have been proud of Hillary. Even until the very moment she endorsed Obama, she stood as an example to all of us — men and women — about how to fight the good fight, stand up for principles, and try as hard as you can to reach your goal. None of that suprised us, did it? We who know her always saw those leadership traits in HRC.

I think that Hillary has made it clear what her intentions are now. I have no doubt that in her mind she has made what she feels are the right choices for her, the Democratic Party, and the country. We, her supporters, are not “ditto-heads.” Each of us can choose where we go from here, who we support, what we protest, what we embrace as our own. I am still making up my own mind about what I will do in the months ahead and who will get my support.

But it is WRONG and HURTFUL to Hillary to stage protests, disruptive acts, and civil disobedience IN HER NAME. Such behavior is not what she wants. If she wanted to personally continue this fight, she would. If she is working behind the scenes in some way to right the wrongs she suffered, I would not be surprised. But she has not asked for and has made it clear that she does not want her supporters IN HER NAME to act like sore losers, no matter how justified we feel we are. To do so is to disrespect Hillary and what she stands for.

Whatever we feel we must do in our OWN NAMES is our right and our obligation. Create your own action groups or protest plans, but do it not in Hillary’s name but one of your own making. Do not let anyone infer or believe that this is what Hillary wants. She doesn’t.  If she did, she would be leading us.

I only ask people to be careful not to drag Hillary’s name through the smoke and fire because it feels right for us to do so. It can hurt her and our cause in the long run. It isn’t right and I will not support it.

Thank you.

– Rake