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This from CNN —

“Barack Obama has personally apologized to a Michigan television reporter for referring to her as “sweetie” as she tried to ask a question.

The comment came earlier Wednesday when WXYZ reporter Peggy Agar asked Obama at a campaign stop, “How are you going to help the American auto workers?”

Obama told Agar to “hold on, sweetie,” and said he would address that issue with her later. Agar said she never got an answer to her question.”

Let’s see.

So far he has insulted working class Americans, the poor, the uninsured, patriotic Americans, women, Christians, Jews, and many whites who worry about his ties to the black supremacist, Rev. Wright.

Is there any group of Americans other than his elitist supporters that Obama has not insulted or showed his inability to relate to on a professional level?

His insults to women, this reporter in particular, explains why a womanizer like Ted Kennedy is working so hard for Obama.

Some of the reaction I have gotten about this suggests that some folks think it’s OK for Obama to call a female reporter, “sweetie.” I’ll bet there would be a lot more outrage if she had replied by calling him, “boy.” But she was too professional — unlike Obama — to use a slur in response to one. I probably wouldn’t be.

Personally, the most enjoyable aspect about making these posts is reading the pathetic, illogical contortions that Obama supporters will go through to justify their continued support for a flawed — morally, ethically, socially, and politically flawed — candidate.

Let’s hear it!