Hillary Proves Obama Wrong, Wins Indiana

We are again being pounded by the Obama-clones to give up faith in Hillary and walk away from her campaign.

Do you remember New Hampshire? They got that wrong!

Do you remember Texas and Ohio? They got that wrong!

Do you remember Pennsylvania? They got that wrong!

Do you remember Indiana? They got that wrong, too.

Again and again the media plays into Obama’s empty promises and Hillary keeps fighting back.

We are the ones who can keep her working to win the nomination. Between now and Denver there are literally thousands of ways big and small that Obama can slip up (how many more Rev. Wrights are out there?) or Hillary can score a victory. Don’t let those opportunities slip away.

With all the media negativity, there is something you can do to feel better about this campaign, about yourself, and about Hillary’s chances of being our nominee. . .

Contribute. She needs money to compete in West Virginia. She needs you to tell her to keep working for us.

Here’s her web site: hillaryclinton.com. Please visit and give what you can. . .

— Rake