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Reason to cheer, Hillary fans! This just in via Fox News:

A new national poll shows Barack Obama’s once-healthy lead shrinking to a hair’s width, suggesting his defensive performance at the Wednesday debate in Philadelphia may have hurt him.

The fresh numbers come as Hillary Clinton calls on Obama to quit whining about his supposed unfair treatment at the debate. Her campaign has already claimed Obama is just trying to cover up an “awful performance” by saying he was hammered with petty political questions.

The Gallup daily tracking poll, taken from Tuesday to Thursday, indicates viewers may have had similar assessments.

The poll showed Obama with just a 3-point national advantage over Clinton, 47 to 44 percent. A few days ago, Obama had an 11-point lead in the same poll.

The new poll surveyed 1,231 Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters, and had a margin of error of 3 points.