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After months of enduring the likes of Chris Matthews and other media Obama-babies smearing their candidate and demanding that she drop out of the race, Hillary Clinton’s supporters converged en masse in downtown Manhattan today to protest media bias.

Does anyone expect the mainstream media to react to criticism of its own bias? Why would they? I think it would take far more than several hundred protesters to get their attention. Instead, this kind of grassroots pro-Hillary support just energizes the sniveling lefties at Daily Kos and gives them another reason to reprise their fatigued incantations about Obama’s delegate lead.

My preference would have been to protest Obama’s anti-gay, anti-white, anti-American agenda. We could pass out Obama’s purloined speeches from Deval Patrick, copies of Michele Obama’s racist, anti-white thesis from her days at Princeton, and blast Rev. Wright’s anti-American “sermons” through the PA system so that everyone could hear the sort of mentoring that Obama holds dear.

Maybe, another day.

Click here to read the smug scribbling of the Daily Kos.It’s very entertaining. While you’re there, note the pre-Salinist colors for their blog. (Where’s Trotsky when you need him?)

You can also visit Hillary Clinton Forum, which sponsored the protest. The web site has more alley ways and tunnels than Hanoi during the peak of the air war, but you should be able to find something interesting to read.