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The MSM has been trying to sweep the anti-white, anti-America statements of Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright, under the rug. They are hoping we will all forget the venom with which he attacked whites and our country.

But it is not going away, despite some dubious poll numbers that show Obama rebounding temporarily.

The Bloomberg Television web site suggests in a story today that many white voters, the more they hear the details of the Wright affair, the more concerned they are:

There are stirrings of unease among white voters, including those who fear the issue will hurt Obama in a general election. Pew also found that 39 percent of all white voters who had heard of the controversy, including Republicans and independents, said it made them less favorable toward Obama.

John Friend, an uncommitted Democrat and Evansville city councilman, said Republicans may use Obama’s ties to the pastor much in the same way they attacked Democratic candidate John Kerry’s patriotism in 2004.

“It’s going to be like the Swift Boat thing,” Friend said.

To the degree that Democrats try to bury these concerns, the GOP will have spades and shovels ready to raise them from the dead: the corpse they resurrect will belong to the Democratic Party.