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As I was mumbling into my breakfast today about the calls for Hillary to quit the campaign, it struck me that all the Quislings were men!

Hate to bring up that gender thing again, but here they are:

Senator Patrick Leahy (Elected for life in the 80% Obama state of Vermont, his hemorrhoids are so bad he has to speak in a whisper lest he break out in a cold sweat.)

Senator John Kerry (The quintessential Momma’s boy, our worst candidate since Ohio Governor Cox lost to Warren G. Harding.)

Senator Ted Kennedy (“I knew John Kennedy, Ted, and you’re no John Kennedy.” Got drunk, murdered Mary Jo Kopechne, failed presidential candidate (twice), appointed to a lifetime sentence in the Senate. Everyone leaves when he gives his speeches. Resents the Clintons, especially Hillary.)

Bill Richardson (No more Mr. Nice Guy, Richardson has been viciously biting the hands — Bill’s and Hillary’s — that gave him a career in Washington in Bill Clinton’s Cabinet.)

Howard Dean — (Responsible for the Democratic primary mess that is leaving the voters of Florida and Michigan out in the dark (to Hillary’s disadvantage). Remember, also, that many of his former supporters from Blue State Digital now work for Obama, Kennedy, and Kerry. Remember that “1984” anti-Hillary video? That came from Blue State Digital. Dean is doing “the right thing” and not letting Florida and Michigan count because it helps Obama. There’s no other reason. The only way those votes will count will be after Dean resigns.

So there you are: the chorus asking Hillary to quit are men with agendas of their own.

And this today from Bill Clinton in a message to contributors:

“Here’s the most important thing you need to know about this race: it’s neck-and-neck.

Only 130 delegates separate Hillary from Senator Obama — and that’s not counting Florida and Michigan. The difference in popular vote is less than 1 percent, and millions of voters have yet to make their voices heard. This election should be about their choice.

But now we’re hearing people — elected officials, party members, and Obama campaign surrogates — call for Hillary to pull out.

With the race this close, it sure doesn’t make sense to me that she’d leave now — does it make sense to you?

There’s no better way to tell Hillary that you support her staying in than to make a contribution to her campaign — and no better time to contribute than right now.

We’re facing a big deadline on Monday. Our opponents and the media will scrutinize our fundraising reports and look for any sign of weakness. By making a contribution today, you can help make sure we show nothing but strength.

Contribute by our midnight Monday deadline to help us show our strength.

I know that Hillary never forgets exactly why she is running. Her commitment to the people of this country never wavers.

At this critical moment, all of us supporting Hillary must make sure we are just as focused as she is. With all the talk of the state of the race, all the people telling her she should just give up, you and I must make sure she has everything she needs to stay in this race.

With our big fundraising deadline coming up midnight Monday, we need to show the critics and the doubters that this campaign is running full steam ahead with the determination to win.

Contribute now to help us reach our $3 million goal by midnight Monday.

My family isn’t big on quitting. Hillary’s in this race to win, and she’s in it thanks to you. “