For weeks I have been wondering if John Edwards will do the right thing and endorse Hillary Clinton.

Clinton Making Deal with Edwards?

For much of his campaign, Edwards was dogged by questions concerning his sincerity. Could a man who was so wealthy — and conspicuously so — really be the champion of the “other America?” To his critics, that positioning looked too strategically staged and insincere. 

Edwards can put that opportunistic label to rest once and for all. The conventional wisdom is that Edwards is holding onto his endorsement, making sure he supports the clear winner. That, of course, is the wrong thing to do! The right thing is to come out and endorse Hillary NOW, before the Texas and Ohio primaries.

For one thing, with so many political lemmings jumping aboard the Good Ship Obama, it will make it clear that Edwards is a man of principle, not politics. More importantly, given his past positions, Hillary is his natural ally.

Looking at his choices — silence, Obama, or Hillary — choosing Hillary makes the most sense for Edwards, for Hillary, and our country —

— They both are committed to solutions, not just rhetoric and fancy speeches about change.

— They both are committed to real universal health care.

— They both are committed to helping America’s working poor.

— They both have expressed their commitment to rebuilding America’s middle class.

— They both have similar positions — and histories — concerning Iraq.

— They both have expressed unambiguous support for the rights of the LGBT community.

— They both have the experience, ideas, and realistic goals for helping our economy get back on track.

— They are both for ending abusive, predatory lending practices.

— They both want NAFTA renegotiated to better protect the interests’ of American workers, and to end tax incentives for corporations that move jobs overseas.

If you can reach John Edwards’ supporters with this message, please do so NOW.

Hillary, the Democratic party, and the country needs John Edwards to act today so that his choice can make a real difference on March 4th.