Some of you might remember a little dig Obama made during the Cleveland debate about Hillary “whining.” As I recall, he claimed that his positions had been misinterpreted by the Clinton campaign but he had never “whined” about it.

“That’s the nature of these campaigns,” said Obama.

Now we have Hillary’s new ad showing voters the consequences of not having the right person as commander-in-chief when the next world crisis hits us.

Well, let the whining begin!!!

Obama and his campaign are pissed now — the truth hurts! — and are trying to sell the press that Hillary’s ad is the same as the famous Johnson “nuclear explosion” ad that ran against Goldwater. If Obama can stretch the truth that far, we should start calling him “Rubber Man.”

The fact is, Obama is whining because Hillary has struck a nerve. She is right and Obama knows it. He is NOT ready to answer that phone and handle an international crisis. My goodness, he didn’t know the name of the new president of Russia, he wants to bomb Pakistan, he thinks Al-Qaeda is not already in Iraq, and he never bothered to hold hearings on HIS subcommittee concerning Afghanistan —

As Hillary reminded us during the Cleveland debate: “He chairs the Subcommittee on Europe. It has jurisdiction over NATO. NATO is critical to our mission in Afghanistan. He’s held not one substantive hearing to do oversight, to figure out what we can do to actually have a stronger presence with NATO in Afghanistan.”

Here’s a Newsday story about Barack breaking out his WHINE.

And here’s an ad that tells is like it is: