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In a recent press release, Manera Group, a Dallas-based company that provides customized on-site executive coaching as well as assessment and talent management, boasted about establishing an advisory board made up of “some of the world’s leading experts in the field.” The board’s role, said the company, will be to advise the company on major issues affecting business strategy and direction.

Unfortunately, one of the new board members, Larry Norton, is vice president for PetSmart, a company which is under investigation for torturing animals.

An MSNBC story about the investigation is available here.

The new advisors include:

** Leni Wildflower, Ph.D., an executive coach, consultant, author and educator with more than 30 years experience designing programs and coaching interventions for schools, businesses and non-profits.

** Larry W. Norton, Ph.D. has been PetSmart’s vice president of organizational development since 2004 with responsibility over all levels of employee development and training, talent selection and management, succession planning and large-scale organizational change.

** Rick Fletcher is the founder and president of HRchitect, a Dallas-based Human Capital Management systems consulting firm and the market leader in Talent Management System consulting.

** Rhonda Britten, an Emmy Award-winner and repeat Oprah guest, is the founder of the Fearless Living Institute, an organization dedicated to giving anyone the tools they need to master their emotional fears.

PetSmart is being investigated by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for torturing animals. More information about PETA’s investigation can be found here.