Earlier today my editor at the Hillary Clinton Quarterly received this via email. Jennifer Campbell offers numerous suggestions on how Hillary can stay competitive and win this nomination. Please read!

Feb. 17, 2008
Jennifer Campbell
for Ultimate Strategies, Inc.
Emergency Room Strategies

Whoever could have given this information to Hillary but did not, could cost her the election, but at this point, most likely just cost her dignity. (She needs this ASAP before the debate.)

We are a newly forming strategy consultant firm not yet up—our strategies are given without charge as a donation for Hillary’s campaign.

1. Hillary is not a candidate battling another candidate as was in the Republican Party. She is a candidate fighting a movement, a cause, a societal trend. There is no contest. A candidate can never defeat a movement. BIG MISTAKE: Her strategists should have recognized early and successfully destroyed the movement—not gone the traditional route by trying to destroy the opposing candidate.

2. Obama has connected with the collective subconscious of the American public, which is always the winning strategy when it can be accomplished—as he has. Strategists must understand everything about the collective subconscious of a nation and create powerful strategies that win.

3.  If she would have used these “dialogue bombs” three weeks ago her present situation would be much more favorable.

4. Hillary must repeat these following points as many times as possible from now on (repetition) every time she speaks—anywhere, everywhere. She must not allude—not circle talk. From now on, she must hit the target directly.

1. “If you want a great speaker (orator) vote for Obama, if you want a great President, vote for me.”

2. (in her own words) “You see the word ‘change’ on all my opponent’s signs. Did you ever have an experience in your life that was a change that was bad (a bad change)? Change can be a good change or a bad change. When you see a sign that says “Change,” you can mentally put the word “bad” in front of it (as well as “good” etc., etc.).” If used early enough and correctly, this strategy could have destroyed Obama’s change strategy momentum.

Feb. 17, 2008 pg.2
Jennifer Campbell
for Ultimate Strategies, Inc.

3. “….it’s somewhat unfair. When my people criticized Obama, his people cried “foul.” Yet, when he and they are ruthless and insulting towards me, it’s somewhat acceptable. But, I’ve been dealing with unfairness all my life so I’m used to it…”

4. Obama is basically saying, among other things, “Turn the page on Hillary,” which is ruthless. Obama knows how to be ruthless and still appear like a nice guy. That is hard to beat. When Hillary was excessively and unfairly criticized—at precisely the right moment in the right way she could have said “I have feelings too.” This might be disputed on the conscious level, but it’s just four words that are a subconscious code worth a million votes—when used at just the right time.

5. (In her own words) “If you want to be part of a (societal) trend that fades in time like all trends, vote for Obama. If you want a President who is capable of dealing with the tough challenges and dangers ahead, etc., etc., then vote for me.” “Trends come and go” (fads). Vote for someone who will be solid and has a track record of experience. (Connecting Obama to a Fad creates a subconscious association—a strategy that should have been used when his momentum began. It could have been done—another momentum killer.)

6.  (in her own words) “If you ever bought anything that didn’t work, or that you were disappointed in, you probably bought it from a super salesman. America, the stakes are too high; don’t let anybody talk their way into the White House.” (Obama needed to be “branded” as a “con man” early without using those nasty words).

7. (again, in her own words) “With the world in turmoil, we must put someone in the White House with experience. We just can’t hire a “million” advisors to train our next President.” “I would not trust anyone who doesn’t respect experience.”

8. “My opponent is running ads that end: ‘We can change America. We can change the world.’ Does Obama realize that most of the world leaders—especially the ones antagonistic to America, are interpreting Obama saying ‘We can change the world’ as ‘We can take over the world. We can rule the world.’ He is making a mistake before Day One. Obama is sending the wrong message to world leaders and not realizing it. How much else will he not realize if he is elected?” Hillary says “I’ll bet those ads are pulled as soon as he realizes the mistake that is being made.” “Don’t vote for mistake after mistake after mistake.”

Feb 17, 2008 pg. 3
Jennifer Campbell
for Ultimate Strategies, Inc.

9. (Toned down in her own words) “Many people voted for George Bush because, beyond political persuasion, he seemed friendlier—less austere than his opponent. But, this is not a friendliness contest. This is not a personality contest. Most people today are sorry they voted for George Bush. Americans cannot make the same mistake. America is in trouble. America may not survive the challenges ahead with another “friendly” President. We need a President who…..”

As a result of the Bill Clinton backlash, Hillary started being too cautious. She knows she is in a political crisis. She must be direct and ruthless. At this point she has nothing to lose. She is in an unfair fight. She can’t show disrespect for him, but he can show disrespect toward her. Obama has Hillary on the point of the war. It was risk taking time four weeks ago.

Hillary is making too many mistakes as a result of a lack of understanding of subconscious resonance. The mistakes should have been seen and corrected early by her advisors. Example: Her repetition of 35 years experience is having a reverse affect in the subconscious mind of most voters. It is triggering “the Past”—the opposite of what is intended.

Hillary is speaking (yelling) to the conscious minds of people. Obama is reaching (triggering) subconscious touchstones in the minds of the public. Hillary needed advisors who should have told her how to also reach subconscious touchstones (she didn’t have them). Obama wasn’t brilliant—he copied them from the past like “feel-good Reagan” and fell (lucked) into the rest of his rhetoric as he went along.

In a political situation such as this campaign, the strategists needed to recognize immediately the catch words, phrases and sentences from her opponent that could take root in the subconscious minds of most voters. The difference between these sentences and conventional dialogue is the difference between winning and losing. A strategist should posses the ability “to destroy” an opponent politically using their own words phrases and sentences (boomerang them) before they take hold and gain momentum. (Unfortunately it may be too late.) In unique situations the experience of traditional strategists, managers, and advisors fails the circumstances. At present it would take a miracle to reverse the trend. All strategies employed from now on, if it is too late to win, should at least rescue Hillary’s dignity for the rest of her life.

Feb 17, 2008 page 4

The future of formulating strategies to win will be based on strategists possessing an advanced comprehensive understanding of the subconscious mind function of most of the people in any given target market. Presently this degree of understanding is virtually unknown. When established, our company, Ultimate Strategies, will be introducing this future standard into the industry.

We have a campaign slogan which would have significantly increased Hillary’s chances of winning if she had used it at the very beginning of her campaign, and it would have diluted Obama’s slogan of “Change.” This slogan for Hillary is too powerful to include in this email for all eyes to see.

If the appropriate people working for Hillary want more fire power, clarity on any of these points, additional strategies or the highest level insight into anything, please contact me. Again, it is given without charge. Our strategies do produce inordinate power and results.

Jennifer Campbell
for Ultimate Strategies, Inc.