This came from a MySpace forum tonight in which a former Edwards supporter pleads that John Edwards throws his support towards Hillary. . . . 

I was a John Edwards supporter, in a major way. I just emailed him this:

As a John Edwards supporter, I know what kind of man he is and I will tell you he is honorable and decent. I wanted him to know something that happened to me today that I found very troubling. While I was emailing my Action post to different Hillary groups, I had to use the search on Facebook and MySpace, for groups.

When I search Hillary Clinton on Facebook, there are a few entries in the beginning that are for real. The rest start out being just a negative, don’t vote for her group, and go all the way up to pure filth and venom, for pages and pages.

When I do that same search for Barack Obama, I don’t see groups of hatred, slander, and filth against him. For pages, there are just groups for him.

Is that because he is so well loved, or because his following is at best, disgustingly filthy in their language; at worst, intimidating, bullying, threatening, …….. This is the caliber of people that Barack Obama is attracting. And, no one in his campaign is stepping up to the plate to say “Hey guys, I appreciate your support, but clean it up please.” To me, that tells me that they approve of this behavior.

I don’t want a guy who condones this. I want someone like John Edwards – decent and honorable. I say, No Thank You to Barack Obama. He would not be good for this country, not now, not ever.