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As part of an Obama-inspired, left-wing conspiracy to smear Hillary Clinton, more media coverage of Bill’s scandals are on the way!

Two biographies about Hillary set to be published next month will renew media interest in Bill Clinton’s affairs and Hillary’s role in “damage control.”

In his book, A Woman In Charge, former Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein says that Bill Clinton was so smitten by one particular woman that he was ready to ask Hillary for a divorce. That was back in 1989 when he was still governor of Arkansas.

The other biography, Her Way, claims that Hillary hired a private detective (not Rake Morgan!) to investigate one of Bill’s mistresses.

According to an article in London’s Daily Mail, the Clinton campaign has reacted to the story — also published today in the Washington Post — with profound disinterest, saying that this is “old news” and that voters have “put these issues behind them.”

No matter what spin Hillary’s campaign puts on them, these stories are coming out at precisely the wrong time — perhaps suspiciously so — now that Hillary is running into a bad string of primary losses. One of Obama’s arguments is that Hillary as the Democratic nominee would resurrect all the scandals of the first Clinton administrations.

Now Obama has proof of it.

Considering the timing, one fact is obvious: people connected to the publication of these biographies are leaking news stories to deliberately help Obama and take out Hillary Clinton.