Barack Obama 

Now that we have House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn telling former president Bill Clinton to “chill” and not give voters the facts, it is clear that the candidate playing the race card is Barack Obama: he wants “affirmative action” for his campaign.

Obama wants special treatment, a kid gloves process in which he gets to malign and attack Hillary Clinton, but has immunity from questions about his own history, his voting record, his campaign tactics. Treat him like any other candidate and he screams racism and calls in his “posse” — Oprah and Clyburn, for starters — to defend him.

As someone who has followed Democratic primaries for at least 30 years, I have never witnessed such a whiney, complaining candidate as I have Obama. Like his supporters, the Untouchables, Obama picks and chooses the rules that he wants to play by. If he doesn’t like the rules of the game, he either ignores them or complains about them.

What Obama really wants is affirmative action for his candidacy — a little “helping hand” to guide him into the White House.

Like good Democrats, we might even give it to him. While we’re at it, why don’t we just give him food stamps, rent subsidized housing, free child care, free health care, and free tuition to Harvard, along with the Democratic nomination AND the presidency? Perhaps he will finally feel he has a level playing field?

Don’t count on it. Given his track record as a candidate, I suspect he would then whine about Congress and accuse them of racism when none of his legislation gets passed.