In a small state like New Hampshire, 8,000 is a lot of votes. That’s the margin by which Hillary beat Obama. More importantly, Hillary beat Obama by being Hillary. Despite the urgent efforts of far left supporters in our state legislature and Democratic committees, most voters in this state rejected extremism for its own sake.

As I said many months ago, Bill Clinton proved that you get elected and you get to govern by walking a middle path. Politics is about negotiation, balance, compromise, making friends with the opposition, and getting things done. That’s what New Hampshire voters decided they wanted and that’s why they chose Hillary: she is a leader with the experience needed to get things done.

Here’s a summary of the vote counts by candidate as of 10:00 am this morning.

New Hampshire Democratic Totals

Biden 624
Clinton 111,383
Dodd 200
Edwards 48,213
Gravel 397
Kucinich 3,861
Obama 103,718
Richardson 13,973
Others 3,075
Totals 285,444

The vote totals are based on 294 out of 301 precincts reporting.