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Yesterday I received a direct mail piece from Hillary’s campaign. It was wonderfully designed and had the headline: “Hillary Clinton, Ready to Lead, Ready to Win.” 

Then in a nice little circle on the lower right it listed Hillary’s recent newspaper endorsements: The Keene Sentinel, Foster’s Daily Democrat, Concord Monitor.

Knowing that such quality publications think Hillary would be a good president, made me feel good, of course. But the good feelings vanished with a sobering realization: people who are likely to vote for Barack Obama don’t read newspapers. In fact, I suspect they don’t read anything.

They watch TV. They watch Oprah. They get their news on Comedy Central. They are in a closed Facebook, MySpace loop in which nothing else intrudes.

So, forget the eloquent editorials about Obama’s empty platitudes or Hillary’s tested, balanced approach to leadership. The people who most need to get those messages are literally in a media cocoon, isolated from anything that might awaken them from their sleeping fantasies.

As far as print media is concern, Obama’s people are The Untouchables.

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For those of you do like print media, this Advertising Age review of Obama and why he is considered an “acceptable black” for racists raises interesting questions about Obama himself.

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