OK, first a confession: the first two times I posted Barack Obama’s name here, I got his first name wrong: I had it “Barak.” He was a newcomer in my psyche, I was in a hurry, yadayadayda. But once I saw that it was wrong, I changed his first name to the correct spelling.

The man deserved my respect. I also did not want to come across as a total jerk.

One of the commenters here, Blackperspective.net, does a nice job discussion John Lennon’s “Working Class Hero.” John is a hero of mine — I’ll take his music any way that I can get it — with the Fab Four, Solo, with Yoko.

After reading Blackperspective’s commentary, I dropped a short, kind, meaning-t0-be-helpful note that the blogger had spelled John’s name wrong. Was that comment just deleted? I did notice that someone who posted after me had the comment published. Of course, Lennon has not been corrected.

I don’t know what the deal is here, but it smacks of reverse racism. Barack deserves my respect, John deserves Blackperspective’s.