The far left’s hatred of George Bush is so extreme that only a complete repudiation of him and his policies is acceptable.

 That is what we saw playing out in Iowa among the Democrats. In fact, Obama — his ideas about change as airy as movie theater popcorn — was the perfect vessel to hold the anti-Bush, anti-war hatred that has infected Democrats to such a degree that winning the general election is not even a consideration.

The point is revenge, and they got it last night by “getting even” with Bush and anyone, i.e. Hillary, who was at all tainted by association.

Obama is the perfect object for this atonement. His rhetoric about change can carry all dreams, all hope for the future. The fact that he is a black man makes the cathartic sacrifice even more profound. Not only was Bush repudiated, but voters could offer a symbolic reparation for hundreds of years of slavery. And for the many women who voted for him, voting for a Black man allowed a dangerous sexual fantasy to play out as well. Now that’s showing Bush our hatred of him and his uptight, hypocritical, immoral ways.

I don’t think the hordes who lifted Obama on their shoulders last night care one bit about winning in the general election. Either that or they are stupid enough to think that voters without the need to expiate their war and slavery guilt will vote for him for president. They won’t.

I have experienced something close to this myself, which makes seeing Obama being carried forward even more painful. Back then, the “Bad Daddy” was Richard Nixon. We did not just disagree with his policies and the war in Vietnam, we loathed the man, thought of him as a criminal, our own little Hitler. That year, 1972, we put up a man who no chance whatsoever to beat Nixon. That was George McGovern. If we took an honest look at our candidate and ourselves, we would have known he had no chance of beating Nixon. By our extreme over-reaction, we gave Nixon what we most wanted to take from him: the White House.

But there was no talking to us. We were pure. We wanted pure, idealistic, perfect change. McGovern represented that pure, idealistic, change. And it gave us more of Nixon, Kissinger, napalm, and body bags. We were as guilty for the trauma and genocides that took place in Vietnam as the man we hated so passionately.

So, now as Obamamania goes forth, we are in danger of giving the White House warriors what we most want to take away from them: four more years to wreck havoc around the world, deprive our citizens of health care, good educations, jobs, and justice.

Well done, Iowa Democrats!