Ad Age says that by some estimates, the presidential candidates will end up spending $200 a vote in Iowa. Despite the massive media attention and record financial outlays devoted to the Iowa caucuses, the fact is only about 5% of the state’s adult voting population — or some 250,000 people — turns out for the event.

Further, winning in Iowa is no guarantee of primary success, and candidates this year will also need enough cash to make a strong showing in “Super Duper” Tuesday.

As the chart shows in another post here, it is also no guarantee of winning New Hampshire, either.

I don’t know what is more misleading: the statistics about the early primaries and the Iowa caucuses, or the deceptions of some bloggers in trying to portray these early events as irrelevant.

The biggest joke appears on the Daily KosThe Press Slam the Iowa Caucuses. They are actually running a poll asking readers if too much weight is given to Iowa — and I presume they will soon have a similar poll about New Hampshire. I will guess that roughly less than .1% of their readers actually live in Iowa. Assuming they don’t, how happy do you think they are that Iowa gets to play any role in selecting the nominees?

That’s right, Princess. They aren’t happy about it at all. From what I can tell, the only valid nominating process is to let the Daily Kos and its readers pick the winners. I suspect that might appease those self-infatuated neo-lib hacks.

Or maybe not.