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John McCain has moved ahead of Mitt Romney and Hillary Clinton has widened her lead over Barack Obama, according to a new poll of New Hampshire voters.

The 7News/Suffolk University survey released today says McCain leads among likely Republican voters with 31 percent, ahead of Romney with 25 percent and Rudy Giuliani with 14 percent. Among Democratic voters, Clinton leads 36 percent to 22 percent over Obama, with John Edwards in third with 14 percent.

The poll was conducted Thursday through Monday and has a margin of error of plus or minus 5.65 percentage points. Other recent polls in New Hampshire have shown closer races on both sides before the Jan. 8 primary.

In another poll, this one from CNN/WMUR (aka WGOP), Hillary Clinton has the support of 34 percent of likely Democratic voters. Barack Obama has 30 percent, trailed by John Edwards (17%), Bill Richardson (5%), Joe Biden (3%), Dennis Kucinich (2%) or some other candidate (1%).