Charlie Gibson, putting another audience to sleep.

That was the somnolent Charlie Gibson referring to the non-reaction of the candidates after explaining in a conference call the exclusive rule keeping several candidates off the debate stage next weekend.

Maybe they were stunned into disbelief, Charlie, or were too polite to tell you where to shove it. Maybe your so-called low-key style put everyone to sleep, as you do me, and they never heard how a noose was being thrown around their candidacies so that you could maximize the amount of fireworks during your debate show.

Of course, the less time for those “marginal” candidates, the more time the camera can focus on you — right, Charlie?

And, just as a reminder, Charlie, the New Hampshire Primary belongs to the voters of New Hampshire, not to you, ABC News, WMUR-TV, or the candidates.

I am guessing that once the implications of what you are doing sinks in, you will hear from lots of people loud and clear: LET ALL THE CANDIDATES DEBATE!

What amazes me is that all those so-called leading political blogs out there — Huffington Post, Washington Monthly, Daily Kos, etc. are totally oblivious to the demise of democracy in the Life Free or Die state. As long as their candidates win, they don’t give two shits about freedom of speech or the excessive powers of the electronic media in controlling who we do and do not hear from.