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As reported in the Union Leader late today, ABC News and its New Hampshire affiliate, WMUR-TV, have decided to kick off stage primary candidates that do not meet criteria set by the news organizations.

Although I am supporting Hillary and she clearly will be allowed to participate, I am also a strong proponent of the New Hampshire primary. It is our tradition to allow all candidates recognized by their respective political parties to participate in the process, and that includes televised debates. This decision undermines the principles and tradition of our primary.

FOX News has invited only five presidential candidates to a GOP forum scheduled for Sunday night, leaving out Ron Paul and Duncan Hunter. Cullen said the state GOP is in “ongoing discussions with FOX News about having as many candidates as possible participate” and remains a forum co-sponsor, at least for now.

The candidates who will not be allowed to participate include:

  • Joe Biden
  • Dennis Kucinich
  • Chris Dodd
  • Ron Paul
  • Duncan Hunter

Even if your candidate is not on this list, please understand that to allow this decision to stand is to allow the media to influence the democratic process in a way that violates both the FCC and standards of fairness.

If you are as upset as I am with this decision, please register your protest by calling WMUR directly at 1-800-257-5151.