The outfit that called me the other night, Common Sense Issues, plans to continue making some 100,000 push-polling calls a night in New Hampshire.

A spokesman for the conservative group, Patrick Davis, said that his goal is to promote Mike Huckabee and provide “factual information” about the candidate’s rivals.

As reported in the Union Leader:

Patrick Davis said that before the end of the week, he expects the telephone marketing firm his group has hired to have called 430,000 households in the state, which he said is about 100 percent coverage. He said the calls will then stop during the week of Christmas and may begin again after Jan. 1.

In New Hampshire push polls are not illegal in a presidential primary. The Attorney General’s office is investigating the calls, but said the law only applies to state office primaries, and general and special elections. They are checking to see if the Huckabee calls contain information applicable to the general election.