It’s one thing to read about and condemn the evils of push-polling, it’s another to actually be on the receiving end of what can only be called a political mind-fuck.

Tonight, just before 6:00 pm, I received what started out as a political opinion poll. Evidently, I kept having the wrong opinions. Not matter what I said — my pro-choice, pro-open marriage, pro-campaign finance reform — views elicited a stern rebuke from the automated caller. “He” want me to know that John McCain, among other things, is responsible for the rise of dangerous organizations such as

Only Mike Huckabee is ready to fight for pro-life rights, protect the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman, and would open the campaign finance laws to allow corporations and PACs to have “free speech” and influence the political process.

It is not hard to guess who was behind this insulting phone call.

The automated call came from an organization that referred to itself as “Common Sense Issues.” The Caller ID name is PS07, and the return number is 703-378-2990.

Other than my residence in New Hampshire and the fact that I am a registered voter, I am not sure how I got on their calling list. I hope they call again — I am curious what kind of response I would get if I gave the machine all the “right” (i.e. far right) answers.